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  2. 集團介紹






         Founded in 1988, Harbin Investment Company, the predecessor of Harbin Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hatou Group), is a bureau-level institution, affiliated to the former Harbin Planning Commission. In April 2003, Harbin Investment Company and the Leading Group Office of Harbin Thermoelectricity Development and Construction combined to establish Hatou Group. In October 2004, Hatou Group withdrew from the institution system and entirely transformed to an enterprise. In 2005, Hatou Group was listed as a unit directly under Harbin municipal government, and became an investment and financing platform for major projects and an administrative organization of state-owned assets. The Group employs 19 thousand people, of which 73 are at headquarters.

          By the end of 2016, Hatou Group has registered capital of RMB 5 billion, total assets of RMB 56.7 billion, and net assets of RMB 28.0 billion. Profits have maintained at more than RMB 1 billion for three consecutive years. The Group realized profit of RMB 1.17 billion in 2016.

        At Present, Hatou Group has 46 exclusively-invested enterprises and holding enterprises, which involves infrastructure, thermal power, finance, securities, electronic manufacturing, business logistics, land purchasing and storage, real estate development and other industries.

        According to the requirements of the Central Committee to strengthen the Party building in the state-owned enterprises, the Group reviews all the holding enterprises and exclusively-invested enterprises one by one. At present, the secondary party organization has 9 Party Committees, 3 General Party Branches, 4 Party Branches directly under the secondary party organization, 126 Grass-roots Party Branches, and 2,534 Party members, which lay a solid foundation for playing its powerful role of Grass-roots Party organizations and the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members.

          According to the requirements of new round reform for state-owned enterprises, Hatou Group defines a clear development concept in the future period, that is to study and implement the 18th CPC National Congress carefully, accord with the Guidance of State-owned Enterprises Reform issued by Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, follow basic“government-led, market-oriented” principle, and constantly deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises by taking the state-owned capital investment operating company as the development direction; and to seize new opportunities to make the Group bigger, stronger and better in the process of state-owned assets reform and state-owned enterprises reform. The Groups strives to make the total assets reach the scale of 100 billion within about 5 years, which enables the Group to have perfect capital operating system, optimized capital structure, unblocked financing channels, and excellent asset quality to better obey and serve the economic and social development of Haerbin city.

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